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Directory Submission

What websites are accepted?
We accept websites that are from genuine companies that have informative websites with good content and visible contact details.
Do you only accept UK websites?
We accept worldwide website submissions.
Do you accept website submissions in languages other than English?
No, unfortunately we cannot accept websites that are non English language. We are a human edited directory and with over 6000 languages worldwide it would be simply impossible for us to review websites in other languages.
What websites are rejected?
We do NOT accept the following:
adult themed websites, pharmaceutical websites, get rich quick scheme websites, shopping link directory websites, gambling, casino or betting related websites, free hosted websites, websites without domain names on free hosting services, websites that promote hatred or violence, websites that deal in illegal activities, websites that promote spam, affiliate websites, under construction websites, non English language websites, doorway pages to other domains.
Please do not submit your website if it comes under any of the above as it will simply be rejected.
This list is by no means exhaustive and we may reject it for reasons not listed above.
How will I know if my website is accepted?
We will notify you via email when your submission is accepted
How long does the review take?
Once payment has been made, we aim to review each website within 24 to 48 hours
Why does it cost to get listed?
Each listing is reviewed by a person. The listing fee is to cover the time taken to visit each website and check it's authenticity and suitability.
How is payment taken?
We take a one off payment via Paypal for all listings. This is not a subscription service. You will be notified when your listing is due for renewal and you have the option to either renew it or to let it expire.

Rejections and Refunds

What if my link is rejected?
If your link is reviewed and we find that it is not suitable for inclusion we will refund your paypal payment and you will receive an email from paypal confirming this.

Listing Duration

How long will my website be listed?
You have the choice between a 1 Year, 2 Year or 4 Year Listing.
Which listing duration should I select?
If you are setting up a time limited promotion - We recommmend the 1 Year Listing
If you have just purchased a domain name, completed your website and want to test the market - We recommend the 2 Year Listing
If you have an established business - We recommend the 4 Year Listing
What happens when my listing is due to expire?
We will send you an email to let you know when your listing is due for renewal which will contain instructions on the process.
What happens if I do not renew my listing?
If you do not renew your listing it will be removed. You can always re-add it at a later date if required.
When does my listing date start?
Your listing date starts from the day that it is accepted.
Why don't you offer Life Time listings?
Our aim is to keep the directory as up-to-date as possible. The best way that we can currently achieve this is to set the length of time a listing is active within our directory.

UK For Business Directory

Who runs the UK For Business Directory?
The Directory is run by and was intially set up to promote our client websites. Webdimension have been developing websites since 1999.
How long has the UK For Business Directory been online?
Since 2004. In 2011 it was redesigned to allow submissions from other companies.
How can I contact the UK For Business Directory?
Please use our website contact form. This form is not for website submissions.