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Sanskruti is a vegan and vegetarian Indian with restaurants in Manchester and Liverpool. We offer a wide variety of vegan choices, many of which you are unlikely to find at any other restaurant.

Vegan & Vegetarian Indian Restaurant Manchester

Vegan & Vegetarian Indian Restaurant Liverpool

La Sala Chigwell

La Sala Chigwell, located in Woodford Green, is a restaurant like no other. Offering the ultimate social and dining experience, we have outstanding food, drinks and entertainment. For more information, visit our website today!

Private Dining

Live Music


Situated on the Rainford by-pass at Bickerstaffe, Quattro's is the perfect place to meet for dinner or catch up with friends over drinks!

Italian Restaurant Menu

Barnyard Churrasco and Grill

Barnyard Churrasco and Grill is a new and innovative restaurant in Ormskirk, serving healthy and delicious chicken dishes for all the family!

Ormskirk Restaurant Menu

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