How to Submit Your Website

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UK Business Directory How to Submit Your Website

In this video example we show you how to submit a business website to our directory. Note the use of anchor text to provide links to other pages within the website. Please note: This is a fictitious company and is purely shown as an example.

Some users may experience a problem playing the video in fullscreen mode.
This appears to be a recent problem with the flash player and it can be temporarily overcome by turning off hardware acceleration in the flash player.

How to Turn Off Hardware Acceleration in Flash Player

Right click on your flash video and go to settings. The left tab should be the tab for display with the only option being "enable hardware acceleration". Simply, uncheck "enable hardware acceleration" and the video should begin to work in fullscreen mode. The video may not look very detailed but you will still be able to play it in fullscreen.

However, if this option does not work try searching Google for cannot view youtube video fullscreen or visit Adobe and download the latest Flash Player

As mentioned, this is purely a temporary solution and hopefully Adobe will have a solution to this problem soon.